Medical Treatments Will Be More Expensive With Tax Reform

Medical appointments, treatments, and surgeries at private health centers or clinics will be more costly if the tax reform is approved.

This is because the draft Fiscal Strengthening Law specifies that authorized centers or independent professionals incorporated into the College of Physicians will pay a 4% tax.

If now, for an appointment with a general practitioner, an average of ¢ 34 thousand is charged, if the tax reform is approved, you will have to cancel more than ¢ 35 thousand, and it will go up, depending on the service.

“Costa Rica is already an expensive medical destination and putting more taxes will affect Costa Ricans, but also foreigners who come to get treatment here. The measure will affect without a doubt, and it will be a serious blow for medical tourism; at a time when we are losing competitiveness against other countries such as Mexico, the United States, and Colombia, “said Mario Alberto Quesada, of the National Union of Medical Specialists.

Nowadays, foreigners look for procedures in national soil because they find a saving when comparing what they would pay in their countries of origin; However, the sector fears that these new taxes will diminish their competitiveness.

The other change that the project includes is that not only medical services will be taxed, but also medicines, machinery, and equipment for the production of drugs that will pay 4%.

This bill aims to reduce the problems of a fiscal deficit that this year will reach 7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if nothing is done. However, they are hardly in the process of analyzing the motions, and soon the initiative will pass to the Plenary under the fast-track procedure.

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