3 best business schools in the world

A business degree like MBA from a good business school can provide graduates with a better salary, new opportunities and huge network of industry contacts. According to reputation and starting salary, here are the top 3 business schools in the world.

1. University of Pennsylvania — The Wharton School


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This was ranked the top university for business studies. It was established in 1881 from a $100,000 donation by an industrialist named Joseph Wharton. The university has a very good reputation. The average starting salary of a graduate is $127,300. It has 95% job placement rate within the first 3 months of graduation. You need a GMAT score of 732 to get into this institution. The school has the largest alumni networks among the business schools. Notable figures like LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and financier Ron Perelman have been graduates of this institution.

2. University of Chicago — Booth School of Business


Location: Chicago, Illinois

This is one of the most expensive business schools in the world. Last year, 98% of the students of this institution secured job within the first three months of graduation. The top five employers were Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co., Amazon, Bain & Co. and Bank of America. This school trains students for the real world business situations. Lab course and experiential learning are regular activities of this school. The school often brings in guest lecturers from the real world, like Executives from venture capital companies to share their knowledge and experience with the students. You need a GMAT score of 726 to get enrolled in this institution. Average starting salary of the graduates is $125,000.

3. Harvard University — Harvard Business School


Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

This has the world’s oldest MBA program. It is an expensive school. 91% of graduates secure jobs within 3 months of graduating. There are many famous politicians, billionaires and CEOs who have graduated from this prestigious business school. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberm, former President George W. Bush, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and many more prominent figures have graduated from this school. You need a GMAT score of 725 to get into this institution. The average starting salary of graduates is $131,600.

It is very competitive to get into these top class institutions. But once you graduate from these institutions, there will be no looking back. You will be reigning the world!

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