A Local Notary Can Help You Support Your Clients

When you think of the time that you will need to take away from your business, just to get documents notarized, it seems obvious to call a mobile notary public. It is an affordable convenience and will save you on gas, as well as time the next time you need to get official documents notarized.

If you are a real estate broker, lawyer, or medical professional there are a number of documents that will require a notary prior to being submitted to the governing body.

If you don’t have the time, or the desire to fight the traffic just to get to a notary, just pick up the phone and call a mobile notary. They will be at your door in no time, with all of the notary seals, stamps, and supplies that are needed when they arrive at your local office.

Suppose you need to notarize a power of attorney today. Your schedule is so booked up that it would be much easier to call for a notary to come to you, rather than taking the time to leave your business or residence to go to the notary. Just book it, and relax. The notary will ask about your exact location, and what the cross streets are, so that the notary will not be delayed in getting to you. They will ask what document you need notarized, and if you need any others. Also, make sure to tell the service about any extra documents you might need, and the notary will be prepared to notarize them all for a small additional price. There is usually a mobile fee and a fee for each signature to be notarized. And if you must hire the notary after business hours or on weekends, they will charge an additional fee for that as well.

You, along with any others whose signatures will need to be notarized, must have picture i.d.s available at the time the notary arrives. A photo identification can be in the form of a drivers license, passport, and even some real estate agents have photo i.d.s now. A mutually convenient time will be established for your notary to arrive. The mobile notary public will have all of the stamps and seals available, and the service will be quick and easy. Anytime, day or night, and even weekends, your traveling notary is available and at your service. For after business hours, there will be an additional modest fee, as well as for weekend bookings.

If you need additional documents signed and notarized that are not available to you, just tell the notary at the time you book the service, and they will make sure that your traveling notary arrives with all of the necessary documents and supplies. They are prompt and efficient. And you will find that it is worth the convenience to hire a traveling notary to come to you.

When time is of the essence and you need a notary in a hurry, it is good to know that a traveling notary public is available anywhere in the area at any given time. You will never need to take time off to get to a notary yourself again. A single phone call is all it takes. What an affordable convenience!